Jefferson City, MO ( – Friday Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt released the annual Vehicle Stops Report required of his office under the statutes passed by SB 1053. This Vehicle Stops Report is the first aggregation showing data collected under the newly implemented residency question. Additionally, Schmitt has pledged even more changes to the report, including adjustments for deeper analysis of the data and more context surrounding traffic enforcement.

“Aggregating the Vehicle Stops Report is an important duty of my office, and it serves as a tool to law enforcement and agencies alike to identify disparities and improve practices,” said Attorney General Schmitt. “It’s my hope that this report will help provide that Missourians are receiving the best possible protection under the law from law enforcement, who work and sacrifice every day to ensure our safety.”

The 2018 Vehicle Stops Report has metrics to track disparities in stops, searches, and arrests, as well as detailed metrics that dive deeper on stops, searches, arrests, and more. This year’s report is the first to record and report a residency question, providing a deeper insight into traffic stops by providing readers with a more accurate population.

Additionally, Attorney General Schmitt has pledged even more changes to the report, including more opportunities for clarification and context in certain questions and modernizing the data collection infrastructure for more accurate and insightful data. With these planned changes, Schmitt is among the most proactive of Attorneys General who have presided over the collection and release of the Vehicle Stops Report.

The full report can be found here.

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